About Us

We are a group of devoted people from Iceland who always wanted to improve the quality of weather-proof clothing. We will do everything, so that when you will wear Thjorsa coat you feel elegant and comfortable.

It always annoyed us, the negligence in the clothing industry. Mass production, with beautiful words, that sells us the same crap. They tell you that the jacket is waterproof but you know this feeling - just one major downpour soaked you're totally soaked.

But do not worry, we're different! You can be calm when it comes to the quality of our product. Following the spirit of Scandinavian style we raised trends in waterproof clothing to a higher level. Sewn by professionals gives comfort in all, even the worst conditions.
Our coats are made from the highest quality materials. All fabrics and tailoring accessories are from Europe. Thanks to hand made production  professional tailors  are able to make sure that every, even smallest detail is perfect.